Postdoctoral and Graduate Positions at the Genomic Signal Processing Lab

Senior Industrial Research Affiliate and Ph.D. Alumna

Sri Priya Ponnapalli 

Electrical and Computer Engineering 

CEO and Co-Founder, Eigengene, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA),1
Senior Manager, Applied Science, Amazon Web Services (Palo Alto, CA), and
Faculty, Rutgers Business School (Newark, NJ)
Interview: T. Gallagher, "The Future of Sports: Dr. Priya Ponnapalli of Amazon Web Services (AWS) On The New Emerging Technologies That Are Disrupting The World Of Sports," Authority Magazine (September 10, 2021).
Highlight: C. Garcia, "From Genomic Signal Processing to Portfolio and Risk Analytics," Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute Alumni Highlights (February 6, 2013).

K99 Postdoctoral Alumnus

Jason M. Tennessen Human Genetics Associate Professor, Biology, Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)

Ph.D. Alumni

Larsson Omberg Physics Vice President, Systems Biology, Sage Bionetworks (Seattle, WA)
Kayta Kobayashi Pharmacy Clinical Integrated Pharmacist, Memorial Hermann Health System (Houston, TX)
Chaitanya Muralidhara Cellular and Molecular Biology Director, Strategic Planning, Molecular Templates, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

B.Sc. Alumni

Joel R. Meyerson

Biomedical Engineering and
Assistant Professor, Physiology and Biophysics, Weill Cornell Medical College
(New York, NY)
Andrew M. Gross

Biomedical Engineering and
Statistical and Scientific Computing
Bioinformatics Scientist, Invitae (San Francisco, CA)

Justin A. Drake

Biomedical Engineering and
Statistical and Scientific Computing
Assistant Professor, Department of Women's Health, Dell Medical School and
Research Associate, Texas Advanced Computing Center (Austin, TX)
Nicolas M. Bertagnolli

Mathematics and
Director, Machine Learning, Branded Entertainment Network, Inc.
(Salt Lake City, UT)